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Aug 2011 02

BlueLink, the future of Hyundai

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Arguably, one of the most improved manufacturers from the past decade, Hyundai comes to us with a presentation of their BlueLink system. But, what is BlueLink? In essence, it is a system that “keeps track of everything for you, so ...

Aug 2011 02

The Audi R8: Truth in Engineering, indeed

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Audi R8

For SAMA’s event “Topless in Miami,” an event showcasing some of the best convertibles to purchase today, one of the cars available to drive was a 2011 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Quattro MT6 Spyder. This supercar gem stood out from ...

Jul 2011 25

Jaguar XJL 2O11 Supercharged

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Jaguar XJL

Dos palabras que definen el totalmente nuevo producto de la casa hindu Tata Motors. No solamente desaparece la insignia ...

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