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BlueLink, the future of Hyundai

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Arguably, one of the most improved manufacturers from the past decade, Hyundai comes to us with a presentation of their BlueLink system. But, what is BlueLink? In essence, it is a system that “keeps track of everything for you, so you can sit back and, well, drive.” Keeps track of “everything” indeed, Hyundai’s BlueLink offers over 30 features, which Hyundai presents in 3 major categories. They are BlueLink Assurance, Essentials, and Guidance.

BlueLink Assurance offers safety features such as automatic collision notification and assistance, SOS emergency assistance, Enhanced roadside assistance, and will give the driver a monthly vehicle report. The monthly vehicle report can be seen on and will provide a full vehicle diagnostics.

BlueLink Essentials carries the bulk of the features, one of them being, vehicle diagnostics. These vehicle diagnostics will alert you if any problems arise with in the vehicle and allow you to see the overall health of your vehicle. With automated diagnostic trouble code notification, the vehicle will give detailed explanation of any problems through in-vehicle displays and guided voice instructions. Maintenance alerts will be given and when they will be given may come with special promotions at your local Hyundai dealer. Also, if a recall is ever needed on your vehicle, you will be notified through email,, and the in-vehicle display.

BlueLink also provides a mobile app for smart phones that can unlock/lock your doors, start your car, and use the horn/lights. It provides an ease of mind if you think you forgot to lock your car or, if you are in a hurry, you can remotely start the vehicle. Hyundai enters the modern age of social networking and allows you to share your location with various sites such as Facebook, and has voice text messaging.

Safeguard features round up this Essentials package. They include stolen vehicle recovery and slow down, vehicle immobilization, valet alert, panic and alarm notification, Geo-fence, speed alerts, and curfew alerts. If your vehicle would ever be stolen, a response team will assist officers to find your vehicle. Slow down will cut engine power and if the culprit would ever turn off the engine, vehicle immobilization will immobilize engine start up. Valet alert sets a boundary around the vehicle which you set and will monitor any vehicle movement. Panic notification will alert any family members if the driver activates the panics button on the key. As well as Alert notification will alert the owner when and where the vehicle is at the moment. Geo-fence sets pre-determined regions and the owner is notified when the vehicle moves between these regions. Speed Alert will notify the owner if the vehicle exceeds a pre-established threshold. Curfew Alerts also notify the owner when the car is being used out of pre-determined time intervals. These two features amongst others are perfect for teen drivers.

The BlueLink guidance has features such as Turn-by-turn navigation, a point of interest voice recognition system and web search & download. There is a guidance system that has regularly scheduled traffic conditions and provides the driver with the optimal route. Finally, there is Eco-Coach. This system tracks the owner’s driving habits on a continual basis and recommendations based on this data are provided on

Now that we’ve gone through all the features, you’re probably thinking… “ok, how easy is this to use?” It doesn’t matter how many features a product can have, if it is not simple to use, the customers would not be able to fully experience them and might stray them away from subscribing to it. To show us how easy the system is to use, Michael Deitz, Hyundai’s representative, who gave the presentation, takes us into BlueLink equipped Hyundai Sonatas.

On the rearview mirror there is the BlueLink button. When pressed, the car will call an automated system. This system recognizes your voice and there are many options to choose from. The example Mr. Deitz takes us through is choosing a restaurant to go to. He says “Restaurants” at the main menu, then a type “Italian,” the BlueLink system will find Restaurants nearby and provide ratings/ prices on those locations. If your running out of gas, same principle can be applied to find gas stations nearby in terms of gas prices. Mr. Deitz also showed us how simple is was to download locations to the car then, share to location with a friend. On Navi equipped vehicles there features on the screen such as the Eco- Coach.

BlueLink offers many features and it truly is a system that is easy to use. It may need to be polished here and there but, Hyundai offers a great package for a price cheaper than competitors. By the system being server based, you can expect many updates and added features over time. Mr. Deitz also told us that they will take into account user requests and continue to improve their system. He noted as well, that Hyundai took into precaution to have a secure network to void off possible cyber attacks on their system. All in all, this is a system with a lot of potential and will flourish soon. BlueLink will make its way to the Sonata and progress to other models.

By Patrick Alvarez

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